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Friendship Day

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words”

– Donna Roberts

To celebrate our friendship and the bond we share with the kids of Saral, Saral and Rotaract Club of IMNU (RCIMNU) took the initiative to show what these kids mean to the IMNU family. In the midst of a cloudy weather and blessings from the rain god, they invited the IMNU family and the SARAL Kids to celebrate the friendship day. This was organised apart from the evening activities that are conducted for them.

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All the excited but shy kids were told the meaning of friendship and the significance of Friendship Day. They were reminded about how last year this day was celebrated. Then all the members of SARAL tied the Friendship Bands to all the kids present, as a token of love and affection. All the kids were excited by the numerous bands that they were given and in their innocence were comparing the bands with one another. Even the kids did not stay back in showing their love. They also tied bands to the SARAL members. To add more flavour to this sweet relation, Gulab Jamuns were also distributed among all the people who were attending this event. Their sweetness was very much visible in the eyes of every person during the event and the photograph session.

Friendship Day - Saral and Rotaract

There couldn’t have been a better day apart from Friendship Day to tell how much we care for our friends. So, a cloth drive was also organised by the SARAL members. All the attendants of the event went to the nearby slum area and distributed the clothes to all of the kids there according to their liking.

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The whole event was enjoyed by the kids as well as the members and the happiness on the faces of our little friends was the measure of the success of the event. The efforts and hard work that SARAL members put in pay off really well as everyone was full of joy at the end.

(Content Courtesy: Abhinav Prakash, Photo Courtesy: Saral)

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