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Accountophobia : Finesse ki Paathshala!!

Accountophobia  posterIn addition to insomnia, hard work and mess food, a hard reality of early MBA life is the face-off with accounts. Yes this eight lettered word, has rendered many sleepless nights to one and all, and now, with exams on head, the pressure just augmented. Amidst all this, Finesse – The Finance Club of IMNU came forward to help the students by arranging a discussion session under its event ”Accountophobia”, wherein they invited students to clear their doubts in the field of accounting. Speakers Mridul, Tarun, Atul and Karan put in effort, taking pains to explain each concept lucidly, right from the definitions of assets and liabilities to the creation of balance sheets. Two separate cases were also solved to ensure that the students were in hand with all the discussed concepts. Each participant was given equal attention and the queries of one and all were carefully listened and solved on the spot.

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The students were delighted to be part of this event and were of the opinion that more of these events should be held by the club. The event was enjoyed by one and all, especially the senior speakers, who were glad to be of help to their juniors in their time of need.

(Content Courtesy: Namrata Bajaj; Photo Courtesy: Atalant Nadkar)

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