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Ice-Breaking Tournament 2014

The academic year 2014-15 began with the annual ‘Ice Breaking Tournament’ by Sports Committee. Various teams representing different sections from the college participated in this event creating an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm.Every team gave tough fight to their respective competitors and finally the winners of the various games came forth. The event though scheduled from 7th July to 9th July was stretched till 11th July due to time constraints.

Ice Breaking Tournament Poster

The event took off with a football match between the seniors and the juniors. The football match proved to be a perfect launch for the tournament pulling a huge crowd. The Juniors were leading 1-0 until the final equalizer by Mihir Thakor. The match went into the Penalties and seniors emerged as victorious in it.

Ice Breaking Tournament Athletics

This year, Athletics-100 M was introduced in the Ice Breaking tournament based on the requests from the students. In Men’s 100 Meter, Aakash Shah from FB won the gold medal followed by  Aakash Kamdar from Junior Section B and Surya from FB.  In Women’s 100 Meter, Saanvri Kapoor Shah from Junior Section B won the gold medal followed by Khyati Kapoor from Blitzkrieg and Sukriti .

Ice Breaking Tournament Tennis

Junior section FB emerged out as champions in a thrilling encounter versus Junior section B in the finals of volleyball. The match proved to be the show stopper of the tournament. At the same time, the nail-biter finals between Blitzkrieg (senior section B) and Hawkz (senior section FB) in throw-ball saw Hawkz as champions while Blitzkrieg  had to be content with silver. Coyotes (senior section C) bagged gold in tennis and junior section B ended as runners up. And finally, after a series of exciting matches, Vulcans (senior section A) emerged as winners in the table tennis while junior section D grabbed second position.

The price distribution ceremony took place on 11th July i.e. the final day in the college mess. The prize distribution ceremony was a moment to cherish for winners and organizers as it turned out to be a huge crowd puller. Every medal given to the players was applauded by the large number of audience present.

The tournament was full of fun, enthusiasm and high spirited student’s cheering for the teams and the contribution of Sportzzz Comm members ended with wild celebration along with the winners.

(Content and Picture Courtesy: Vedant Rai and Krishankant Goyal)

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