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Welcome Aboard !!!

Fellow Nirmayans, WELCOME!!

Now we are all here and we have made friends, we can’t wait to welcome you to our IMNU family.

Right now marks the beginning of your adventurous journey of two years- I call it adventurous because in these two years, you will see all the ups and downs, all good and bad, all the things you didn’t see in till now; and most of all because this is your story. Yes you will create your story here, and you have a fair chance of making it a success story – where your success actually began- where you had that first stepping stone that took you miles.

You can add all kinds of magic to your story. Whatever you learn here will help you fight, survive, move on and flourish in the future. You will learn to run with bread and tea in your hand rushing to catch your morning class for precious attendance. You will multitask with clubs, committees, assignments, presentations, pre-reads (not so sure about that though!!). You will struggle every day to finish deadlines and party like anything on weekends. You will learn it all… And one fine day, sitting in your cabin, you will look back at this day and say- that was the day when this all began. And when you will try to picture that smile in your mind right now, you will find your path, the lines of your story, how you want it to be and how wide you want that smile to be.

So have fun, make friends, learn to deal with your enemies, see your dreams coming alive. Because this is all that will matter from now on– this moment, how these two years shape up, how you wrote your adventure and how you lived it.

(Content Courtesy: Noopur Naik with inputs from Jijo George)

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