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Carnival 2014

Fiesta- The Music and Dance club of Institute of Management, Nirma University organised its annual event “Fiesta Carnival.” The week-long carnival from 24th February, 2014 to 4th March, 2014 consisted of its flagship event “RHYTHM – an interclass music and dance competition” along with various others events like Dance workshop, Guitar workshop, JAM session, JODI No. 1 and Flash mob.  The dance and music workshops attracted many enthusiastic participants. Students were able to learn the basics as well as hone their skills from the experts who conducted these sessions. It was cheerful to see students actively participating in these workshops after their regular classes.

Rhythm is an inter batch, inter class music and dance competition. A total of 10 teams participated to showcase their talent and register a win for their class. The true talent of students and intense competition was visible as each of them had put its competitive edge over others by selecting unique themes. The major dance themes were discrimination against women, patriotism, college life, corporate life, etc.  The properties used were UV lights, LED enabled electronic garments, see-saw, caps, basketball, briefcase, college bags, etc. The music competition included medleys and self- composed songs. It was great to see students composing songs and dedicating these to their batch mates and juniors dedicating songs and performances to their seniors.

With each dance group setting higher standards in the competition, it was the Kshatriyas who were a step ahead to become the winners of Rhythm ’14 group dance round whereas the Sapients who were equally good secured the runners up position.  The group music round was won by the Trailblazers who stood first whereas the Blitzkrieg and the Coyotes were runners up.

Jodi No. 1 was a competition for the pairs. Two individuals formed a team to show their synchronised talent. This was again a music and dance event where 3 Jodis each for both music and dance were selected for the final round by multiple short listings in the auditions round. The best Jodi for music was Ankur Mankad and Rahul Sharma from Blitzkrieg and best Jodi for dance was Karan Gulati and Gaurav Goel again from Blitzkrieg.

There was an overall best team award that was won by Blitzkrieg for showcasing great performances in all the dance and music events. The Fiesta team members who were behind the smooth conduct of such a lively event were appreciated and thanked by the students, participants and the enthusiastic audience. It was an event to remember and cherish for not only the participants but also the viewers.

(Content Courtesy: Vinamra Mundra)

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