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War of Clubs n Committees

IMNU has a number of clubs and committees, some related to academic and some related to non-academic pursuits. Every club or committee believes that it is the best. So, how does one find out which is indeed the best one of them? To find that out, Expressions Club organized an event – War of Clubs n Committees on 24th February, 2014.


The event started off with a vote-out. Kaizen committee was voted out almost unanimously (on a 19-1 majority vote) by the others. The outgoing kaizen nominated Niche to be immune from elimination in the first round. Speaking later during and after the event, many members were of the opinion that Kaizen was voted out as they were the champions last year.


The first round was a treasure hunt. The contestants were given a list of items to be brought into the venue in 30 minutes. The items included among others, a leaf with all the names of the members, a photograph of the participants with a dog, fruit, 2014 calendar, etc. The first nine teams to complete the treasure hunt within the stipulated time advanced to the second round. The second round was a GK quiz round. The teams that remained in this round advanced to the third and last round. This round had one member of the team explaining to the other members how to draw a given picture. The twist is that the member explaining the picture had to face away from the others so that they could not see his/her face.

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After these three gruelling rounds, Cultural Committee bagged top honours followed by Clique Club. The third position was shared by Rotaract Club and Niche Club.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George ; Photo Courtesy: Mayank Tripathi)

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