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RE|BE|L – Read Between the Lines

Although newspapers are going out of fashion across the world, but we all remember our teachers exhorting us to read newspapers back in school. From the placement perspective, reading different newspapers daily allows us to get different perspectives on the single issue. Unfortunately, sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of assignments and projects, we give the humble newspaper a miss. This “sometimes” soon becomes a daily event. To drive home the importance of the print medium, NewsJunction club organized “RE|BE|L – Read Between the Lines”.  The event was held on 8th March, with a total 9 teams participating in the event.


In the first round, teams were shown photographs of events or personalities which they had to identify. The time given for each picture was 10 seconds. There were many a moment, when someone was like – “I have seen it…but what was that???” In the second round, each team was given 4 newspapers – Business Line, Economic Times, Times of India and Mint. Each team was given a list of headlines, which they had to identify in the given newspapers. The target was 15 headlines in 15 minutes. The room was filled with tension interspersed with the sound of people flipping the newspapers desperately to find the elusive headline. In the third round, teams had to identify what they felt as the most important news in a given category – national, international, sports, business and entertainment. Teams that identified the most trending article in the respective category received the most number of points.

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The winners were given flipkart vouchers of Rs. 800 and Rs.500 for the first and second prize respectively. The participants enjoyed the event and hoped that the club would come up with more such events.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George ; Photo Courtesy: Darsh Bhattji, Hiran VM)

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