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Institute Lecture Series: Leveraging Sports in Business

The First Institute Lecture for BBA-MBA (Five Year Integrated Programme) for the academic year 2013-14 was delivered by Mr Sukhvinder Singh – Managing Director, Libero Sports India on 5th February, 2014. Mr. Sukhvinder is an alumunus of IMNU and a very avid footballer.  He has a deep understanding of Indian football at the grassroots level from having played in various national championships as he grew up. He has been associated with the sport at corporate level and worked with Nike India to establish and develop their football brand in this vast country. He has also worked with the All India Football Federation. In this session, he spoke about the linkage between sports, management and business and how in business one can grow by leveraging the field of sports. Later in the session, he also introduced to the students to new developments in the field of sports management such as sports consultancy services, player representation and career management and counseling.

Mr Sukhvinder Singh - MD, Libero Sports India
Mr Sukhvinder Singh – MD, Libero Sports India

The traditional cliché of domain development is now replaced by overall development. Students and professionals now do not want their knowledge to be restricted in any one particular field but apply it to various aspects of life. Sports has always been seen in our country as a recreational activity or hobby and not profession. But the trend is changing now. People are now keen to pursue their passion towards sports as a profession. And this change has led to evolution of the concept of sports management as people not only want to work and compete with athletes but explore the business and corporate side of sports.

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There are four managerial opportunities in the field of sports today. First, Sports Consultancy Services which involves delivering business solutions in sports to brands, host cities and right holders, explained by him with the example of his company Libero Sports. The next component is that of Player Representation, Career Management and Counselling which includes selection of players and their representation, career handling, public image handling and providing the necessary off-the-ground counselling and coaching required. The remaining opportunities are in Marketing and Career Transition. The concept of scope of marketing was discussed through various examples of coaching centers associated with teams such as Manchester United and it brought into notice the opportunities for people passionate about sports and with a professional background of any other field such as management or technology, to combine both the skills and help develop this field. He lastly discussed the career transition in today’s youth towards fields like sports management, followed by a brief interactive discussion which marked the end of the lecture.

The lecture was organized by the Programme Chairperson – Prof. Nina Muncherji & ‘Aditya – Vat’ (Co-Curricular Activities Committee)

(Content and Photo Courtesy: Prof. Nina Muncherji)

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