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Excerpts from Dr Irshad Kamil’s speech

Dr Irshad Kamil, noted lyricist, poet and winner of two Filmfare awards for “Best Lyricist” addressed the students and faculty of Institute of Management, Nirma University on 08th December, 2013. The occasion was the closing ceremony of the three day Management festival (Perspective 2013) and cultural festival (Richter10). Following are the excerpts from his inspiring speech:

irshadkamil“Art has a connection to science and management. Without science, art is not possible. Without discipline, both art and management are not possible. Even tweeting is a kind of management. You have to restrict your train of thoughts inside 40 characters. “

 “Work more as artists rather than as managers.”CSC_0189

“When you know where you are require, half the battle of life is already won. The first battle of life is to know my calling, my goal. If I know that, there are many many ways, indeed, I tell you, thousands of ways to reach that ultimate goal. When you are clear with your goals and mission, they fructify themselves with tremendous ease. I tell you, my friends, if you know your capabilities and limitations, you know everything.”

“It is not necessary for everyone to struggle for success. Even this academic study that you are currently undergoing is not a struggle.When your work and interest are one and the same, there is no place for struggle. You will not struggle. Everything will just happen by itself with you doing your part with your best ability. People ask me if there is any formula for success. Let me tell you friends, there is no formula for success. Yes, there is no shortcut for success. But, that does not mean that the way is long. “

“Be connected with yourself. Know yourself. The more you know yourself better, the better and more prepared you are. You will achieve success faster than you can imagine. Keep asking yourself: Am I happy? Am I going the right way? Envision yourself on the way to success and ask yourself if you are doing the right things”

“Do whatever you do with love, passion and happiness. All of you are poets. All your books and your experiences are basically the grammar. Using this grammar, you will write your own poem, the poem of your life unique to you.”

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George (Media Committee); Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club, Cultural Committee)

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