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Perspective 2013: Day 3 Highlights

Perspective 2013 and Richter10, the management and cultural festival at Institute of Management, Nirma University came to a grand close with Dr. Irshad Kamil, noted lyricist and poet and winner of Best Lyricist at the Filmfare Awards 2011 and 2012, addressing the faculty and students on “Main aur Mere Alfaaz”. He began by saying that management, science and art have a lot in common. Without science, art is not possible and without discipline management is not possible. He exhorted the students to work as artists “from the heart” rather as managers ”mechanically”. When a person knows himself completely, half the battle is already won for an individual. When a person is clear with his goals and mission and loves his work,  success comes to him with tremendous ease. There is no shortcut to success yet at the same time, that does not mean that the route to success is necessarily long. All of us are poets, the knowledge we acquire as well as our experiences are the grammar required to write the individual poems of our lives.

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Earlier in the day, a number of events were conducted by the various clubs of Institute of Management, Nirma University. The last day of Richter & Perspective began with the even “Just A Minute” where the participants were supposed to perform certain odd tasks in one minute. There were a total of 5 rounds which included tasks like balancing bolts on a scale held by the participant in their mouths and putting marbles into cups etc. The event witnessed a total number of 50 individual participants. The event where the most intellectual ones were gathered was “Pratiti – The Business Quiz” organized by Xquizzit – The Quiz club of IMNU. The quiz started with 10 teams from institutes like IIM-Indore, IMT-Ghaziabad, K.J. Somaiya, Mumbai and IMNU etc. After a number of rounds the team from IMNU emerged as the winner while IMT-Ghaziabad secured second position. The event for the mystery lovers was FERMI PARADOX. In this event the participants had to collect clues from places all over the campus and subsequently work out who the killer was through interrogation of suspects and analyzing the collected evidence. In all there were 4 participating teams with one team from IMNU being declared the winner and the second team from visiting college K J Somaiya emerging as runners-up.

As part of Richter 10 – The Cultural Festival, the Photography club of IMNU, Pratikriti, conducted  its photography competition, Pratibimb. The rounds of the event were conducted at Gujari Bazaar (Ravivari) on the theme ‘Street Business’. Another round was conducted at IMNU, where participants had to do product photography of a bottle of water, along the lines of commercial photography. The event saw participation from institutes like SIMC, GIM, SPM (PDPU), RGIPT (Noida), BK School, IBS Mumbai, and SIES Mumbai. The event saw registrations from 56 teams, and 11 were shortlisted for the campus rounds. “Excavate”, a data analysis competition was organized by Clique – The IT club of IMNU. The team from SIIB – Pune emerged as winners and IIM-Indore emerged as runners-up.

The three day long fest reached its climax with the arrival of Meghdhanush, the Ahmedabad-based, Hindi experimental rock/pop band. True to their name, which means rainbow, they went on to mesmerize the audience with an eclectic mix of songs, like hit Bollywood rock numbers, rock versions of various Bollywood songs, love ballads, jazz, a few special ad jingles and even the Shaktimaan title that took everyone back to their childhood days! People couldn’t help but sway to their tunes. But like all good things, the festival had to  come to an end, so did the Musical Night of the fest, with a concluding round of DJ, dancing, and dreams of Richter 10 – Perspective to come again…

(Content Courtesy: Media Committee – Jijo George, Prerna Shrivastava, Surbhit Gupta and Ditsa Roul ; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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