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Perspective 2013: Day 2 Highlights

Perspective- the annual Management festival and Richter – the annual Cultural festival of Institute of Management, Nirma University entered its second day. A number of academic events and non-academic events were held throughout the day.

Day 2 of Perspective 2013 started with the second round of Startup in 15K. This event challenged students to come up with a business plan for a business within Rs 15,000. The team that came first came up with the idea of a online teaching website that brought the concept of tuition “right at your doorstep”.  The runners-up came up with the idea of “Cottonhand Gloves”. The judges of the event were Mr Pallav Parikh and Mr Pankaj Pathak from CityShor Ahmedabad and Mr Nirav Shah from NM Shah Group. They appreciated the diversity and creativity of ideas brought forward by the students. Another event named “Rasprava” was a business case study competition where participants were given a business problem to solve. They were expected to come up with solutions to the problem. The business problem was related to an airline which was facing various labour and financial issues.  Lynx was again a case analysis competition where participants were given a live case study from Gujarat State Export Coroporation Limited was given for analysis. The participants came up with various innovative and analytical solutions. The jury of judges comprising of Mr Sameer Mankad – Honorary Whole Time Director, GSECL and said that they will look at implementing some of the solutions suggested by the participants. In the afternoon, events such as Markenova – a marketing strategy competition , Mad Ad – a contest for designing a product out of waste materials and then creating a strategy of promotion of the product-  and Prayaas – a contest for creating and conceptualizing a social idea that will lead to change in the society, Excavate a contest for testing one’s data analysis skills were held. Markenova had participants creating a business story out of random images and then creating a marketing plan for promotion of the product.

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As part of Richter, events such as Roadies, Connectivia, Fermi Paradox and Rangmanch  was organized. Roadies started with a round of group discussions of common informal topics. Thereafter, the selected teams were asked to do certain tasks like filling water with a bucket full of holes and other activities that tested the mettle of the participants. In Fermi Paradox, participants had to solve a murder mystery while Connectivia tested the “connection between the team members”. Rangmanch was the flagship event of the day, which was an inter-B School dramatics event. Various institutes like IBS Mumbai, PDPU Gandhinagar and IMNU participated in the event. IBS Mumbai came first in the event by showcasing a drama on untouchability while the team that came second showed a play on the discrimination of girls against boys. The judges welcomed the inclusion of social themes into dramatics by management students and congratulated them on their efforts.

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The evening of Day 2 saw the inter B-school dance competition “Footloose” with vibrant performances by teams from various B-schools. The IBS Mumbai team gave a strong performance, packed with intense energy as well as a moving story giving out the thoughtful message of Women Empowerment. The two teams from PDPU Gandhinagar danced on bhangra numbers and Bollywood numbers. IMNU rocked the stage with a fusion of dance forms, and so did IIM-A, but with a different look and theme. In addition, there also were scintillating solo performances- bollywood style by Gaurav and lyrical hiphop by Aloke. The star attraction of the evening turned out to be the powerpacked host performance by the organizers, ‘Fiesta’ (the Music and Dance Club of IMNU), which charged up the audience enough to bring them to the edges of their seats.

(C0ntent Courtesy: Jijo George Joseph & Prerna Shrivastava (Media Committee); Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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