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Excerpts from Mr Prabhu Chawla’s speech

Mr Prabhu Chawla – Editorial Director, The New Indian Express addressed the students and faculty of Institute of Management, Nirma University on 06th December, 2013. The occasion was the opening ceremony of the three day Management festival (Perspective 2013) and cultural festival (Richter10). Following are the excerpts from his inspiring speech:

DSC03102” There were two reasons for my joining the media profession: by mistake and the lust for power, for money. But, once you accept your profession, you must be honest and loyal to it. Time is the best teacher. It teaches you to adjust and grow. You have to learn from the past to live in the present and learn from the present to plan for the future. The world has changed a lot in these years. Today, you have competition everyday, every minute. “

“To grow, you need credibility. To build credibility, you need ABC: A – Alertness and Awareness, B- Bravery; C- Confidence. Never be arrogant, arrogance will eventually lead to your downfall. Be like Mr Karsanbhai Patel who is the chairman of one of India’s pioneering companies, who has so many companies and institutes running in his name, but he is known for his humility and fought many odds without being arrogant.”

Prabhu Chawla2

“To be successful, you must be competitive. To be competitive, you must have the complete knowledge. You may not be from any good college or institute, but if you have the competitive spirit and the urge to seek knowledge, you will definitely succeed. Further, you must identify your latent talent and go after it to improve it further. As a second rater, I decided that I will have first raters work for me. You can be successful only if you have successful successors prepared to take over after you”

“If I am given a job, I must do it to the best of my ability and create an example for others. Under-promise and over-deliver. More importantly, never promise something that you cannot deliver.  My mission was to reach the highest position in my profession. You should have goals and dreams and transparent means to achieve them. Non-transparent means will lead to temporary success and temporary success will always lead you to failure”

“Is there a formula for life?. Yes there is:

  1- Perseverance: Never ever give up. Keep going after your goals;                                         2-Persuasive skills: You may have the best idea but you need to persuade others to give     life to that idea. And that is possible only if you have something to say.                                 3- Performance                                                                                                                               4- Always ask “why”. Be curious always.”

“If you don’t assert yourself, all your talents and qualities will remain unknown. How, why, what, where: these are the questions that you need to keep answering to achieve your goals faster. Meet new people from various fields everyday. This will broaden your knowledge and open your mind to new possibilities. Keep the spirit of Nirma with you when you leave the institute for your career.”

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George (Media Committee); Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti- The Photography Club)

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