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Perspective 2013: Day 1 Highlights

PerspectivePerspective 2013 – the Annual Management festival and Richter – the Annual Cultural Festival started off on a high note with Mr Prabhu Chawla (Editorial Director – The New Indian Express) and host of the talk shows “Seedhi Baat” (Aaj Tak) and “Teekhi Baat”(IBN7). The Padma Bhushan awardee enthralled the audience, consisting of students and faculties of IMNU, as well as from other premier B-Schools of the country by narrating his life experiences and the challenges he faced in the media industry. He also motivated the students to achieve their milestones and never give up. Mr. Chawla stressed on the fact that time is the best teacher and helps one learn how to adapt and grow when put in new and challenging situations. He urged students to carry forward the spirit of curiosity, the spirit of asking “why”. He urged the students to find out their true talents and always try to improve them.

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Earlier in the day, the Richter 10 festival started with a fun event “Connectivia” to test how well-connected the two teammates were. The participants first played Wrap-a-tide to gift wrap a box with their adjacent hands tied together. Then they had to guess a brand name based on ’20 Questions’. Meanwhile, several participants gathered to compete in the blind tasting Trek the Taste of “Food Maniacs”, followed by a treasure hunt, and ending with a marketing campaign for a food product they formulated.

The events of Perspective 2013 took off with “Punar Nirmaan”, a General Management event to evaluate participants’ vision, strategic approach, conviction, and leadership abilities as teams from IMNU, MICA, PDPU Gandhinagar, SIBM Bangalore, etc. devised a redevelopment action plan for an under-recognized sport, a sick company or an underperforming not-for-profit organisation.  Another major event was “Markenova” (Marketing + Innovation) to test out-of-the-box thinking, creativity and application of marketing concepts through creation of storyboards.

The second half of the day saw “Startup in 15K”, an event to design a business plan within a limited budget (INR 15000) and also to present it to Venture Capitalists. It was a unique opportunity for the best brains of the country to enhance their entrepreneurship skills. The last event of the day was “Creative Writing” with the elimination round being that of online caption writing, followed by creating a life story based on a character the team built, and ending with a surprise round.

The first day ended with rib-tickling Comedy Night performances by Comedy Factory comedians Vipul Goyal and Manan Desai and an IMNU alumnus Omkar Joshi.

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Indeed it was an exciting day at IMNU. It brought together some of the sharpest minds in India. Students said they are sure to take away some great insights and experiences from here. And also, they are eagerly looking forward to the second day of Richter 10 and Perspective, which has many more interesting events lined up.

(Content Courtesy: Prerna Shrivastava, Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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