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SMASHES ’13 : Be the Shuttle Queen!!!

Come winters and IMNU girls start counting down the days to go for “Smashes”- the inter-class girls’ badminton tournament. So this year, from 25th to 28th November, 2013, they battled it out hard to win the title of the next Shuttle Queen!


The event was played as a set of four quarter-finals followed by two semi-finals and a final. There were opportunities in both singles and doubles. The first day saw Vulcans emerge triumphant as they easily routed their opponents in singles by 21-15 and in doubles by 21-9 respectively in the first eliminator round. In the second eliminator round played on the first day, the Hawkz emerged victorious beating the Coyotes in singles by 21-11 and in doubles by 21-15. The second day saw some serious battling on the court for the three quarterfinals that were played. Hawkz, Trailblazers and Invincibles moved onto the next round whereas Vulcans, Blitzkrieg and Bullheads had to bite the dust.

The final day of Smashes turned out to be an eventful day. The The day started with a semi final between Trailblazers and Hawkz in which Trailblazers defeated Hawkz by 2-0 and secured their place in the finals. Next there was a quarter final in which Kryptonites defeated Sapients  by 2-0 and entered the semi final. The second semi final was played between Kryptonites and Invincibles and Kryptonites entered finals by defeating Invincibles by 2-0.


The final match was played between Trailblazers and Kryptonites. The match turned out to be quite interesting starting with a neck to neck singles between Shaili from Trailblazers and Anar from Kryptonites, finally Anar won the first singles. The doubles was played between Shaili and Hemlata from Trailblazers and Anar and Garima from Kryptonites. Trailblazers defeated Kryptonites in the doubles bringing the score to a tie with 1-1. This was the first match of the tournament which was tied. The third match being the deciding match created a pressure on both the teams. Garima from Kryptonites and Richa from Trailblazers took the ground for the final set of the match. The match was intense with a close call. Finally Trailblazers defeated Kryptonites in the final set and won the series with a score of 2-1.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George, Prerna Shrivastava, Sportzzz Comm)                             (Photo Courtesy: Sportzzz Comm)

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