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Institute Lecture Series: The Meaning of Life

The Ninth Institute Lecture for the academic year 2013-14 was delivered by Mr Shamsher Singh – Executive Director, Indian Farmers Fertiliser Co-operative Limited (IFFCO) on 26th November, 2013. He spoke on “The Meaning of Life”.


According to him, the basic purpose of life should be to become a good human being. Life stands on two legs : doing and becoming. All our daily actions come in the realm of “doing” whereas when a person undertakes the journey to become a good human being, it is the “becoming “part. When one gives more importance to the doing part, there is imbalance in life. This imbalance has a spill-over effect on the society leading to a general societal imbalance. For doing a job, one requires skills. Skills may be acquired through effort but the way a person gives value to skill through its performance is a function of the person’s inner values. He exhorted the students to imbibe good values, internalise them, ignite the spark within them to attain their true potential.

He also touched upon the ever-increasing aspect of stress in life. He sought to remind that “Heaven will never fall down”. Hence, it is necessary not to take undue anxiety towards anything. Stress, after all, creates confusion and lack of concentration. He also touched on the power of the mind. Recalling his own struggles with his temper, he underlined the mind’s ability to control one’s body. At the same time, he reminded the students to listen to the heart as the mind grapples with the logical aspects. Many a right decision in history has been made by listening to the heart while many a bad decision was made by listening to the mind.

In all, the session was a very enjoyable as Mr Shamsher sought to lighten up the auditorium through Sanskrit Shlokas and his wisecracks.  The session was chaired by Mr YPS Kanwar, Head-Corporate Relations, Nirma University.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George Joseph)

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