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RannBhoomi: Let the battle begin…


On September 10th, 2013, the IMNU Auditorium was buzzing with energy and excitement, with students dressed in T-shirts of their sections’ colours and waving huge flags and banners of their section names. After all it was the day when all the five sections of MBA First Year were going to wage war to become the conquerors in “Rannbhumi”- an annual event organized by Niche, the Marketing Club of IMNU. All the sections had to brand themselves, to be judged as the best class based on their class names, logos, t-shirt designs, music and dance performances, and all other strategies they could use to best represent their class.

First up the MBA (Full-time) Section A – the ‘Vulcans’ (named after the Roman God of Fire, ‘Vulcan’) set the stage on fire with a couplet followed by a group dance to a peppy dance number. In the background played a video showing their achievements both on and off the classroom.  Then there were different group dances on a common theme of “fire”. They concluded by a thoughtful banner formation “Save the Girl Child”.

Next the ‘Hawkz’ landed on the stage. This group of MBA (Family Business & Entrepreneurship) students gave enrapturing performances of various dance forms like Tutting, Crumping and Salsa, with creative use of umbrellas and torches as their props. There was also a humorous skit Modern Mahabharat, and a duet performance.

And then, lightning struck! It was Blitzkrieg, the MBA (FT) Section B! Starting off with a beautiful Prezi slide show about all the students with their origins located on the map of India, it proceeded to display how majority of all the clubs and committees consisted of Blitzkrieg students, an indicator of the all-round talents of class. There was a wonderful group song performance, followed by several mesmerizing dances like contemporary, Shadow Dance and various dance formations, the last one consisting of all the students at once. The class also incorporated marketing strategies intelligently by depicting “Frontal Attack” on all the other contesting sections. They stole the show, true to their name, which is German for ‘lightning war’ and also means ‘war conducted with great speed and force’.

Then the Kshatriyas, another section of MBA (FB&E), marched onto the stage.  In line with their warrior name, they gave strong dance performances consisting of military formations and costumes; they also used props like swords and ‘lezim’. In addition, there was a class video about the students, and a concluding group song in which all the classmates sang united.

Last but not the least, the Coyotes, the MBA (FT) Section C, attacked the stage one after the other through a Walk of Fame, while in the background played a fantastic video with visual and sound effects that rightly indicated the spirit of the ‘Coyotes’. There was also a fusion dance performance, and a melodious music performance by the entire class backed by a captivating guitar rendition.

Finally came the much-awaited moment of result declaration. The judges, Marketing Faculty Prof Ashwini Avasthi and Prof Sanjay Jain, adjudged Blitzkrieg as the Best Class, while the award of the Best T-shirt Design also went to the same class. The Blitzkrieg students literally jumped with joy, and ran around celebrating their victory and proudly displaying their Trophies.

(Content Courtesy: Prerna Shrivastava, Jijo George ; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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