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Seminar on Quality Management

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) Ahmedabad LMC (Local Member Community) organized its 3rd Annual Seminar jointly with Institute of Management, Nirma University on 23rd November 2013. The objective of this seminar is to spread importance of Quality awareness among industry and academia.

The first speaker was Dr Johannes Grobe, MD-Bosch Rexroth (India) Ltd. He spoke about how quality is important for everyone in the organization. He brought out this concept by sharing examples of how he has been leading Bosch Rexroth India to become a highly customer focused organization. He further said that quality is not restricted to product quality as such but is also related to the right processes and mind set starting from how we understand quality requirements of the customer, convert these requirements into various phases of the value stream and handover products to the end user with his requirements.

 The next session was addressed by Prof. (Dr.) Gautam Dutta, Professor in Production and Quantitative Methods Area at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA). He discussed the topic of six –sigma in pricing studies by stating that a price increase of 1% would generate an increase in profits of 8-12%. He also discussed the concept of Revenue Management, the scientific way of dynamically managing prices, inventories and capacities of perishable services.

 The next speaker was Mr. Jon Fletcher, VP-Mfg at KEC International (RPG Cables). He spoke about 10 basics of Excellence and World Class Management and the importance of determining and meeting customer expectations. He further touched upon high performance team culture and the need for involvement of top management in the same.

 The next session was addressed by Mr. Vineet Sharma, Indian Executive Director- ASQ QMD and EVP-Max Life Insurance. He shared three important points: ASW global survey report; An Indian perspective on quality-current status of quality in India; and how ASQ Quality Management Division is helping professionals in this journey.

Prof (Dr.)  Narsimhan the TVS Chair Motor Chair Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, IIT Kharagpur spoke on building quality into the product, right from the development stage. Mr. Harsh Bajpeyee, Site General Manager, Bombardier Transportation spoke on the shifting focus from tools to management. Mr Maneesh Chandra, Quality Director, Alstom India Ltd stressed on leadership actions that need to be undertaken to build a culture of quality in large organizations. His talk focused on how to build a quality culture within the organization-the strategy, its implementation, the challenges faced and the benefits derived out of it. Mr R. Jeevananthanam, GM-Power Train Plant Quality, Ford India Ltd spoke about establishing new plant quality set up across companies.

(Content Courtesy: Madhura Kane , Photo Courtesy: Chirag Bhatnagar)

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