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Institute Lecture Series: Unlearning to learn

The Eight Institute Lecture for the academic year 2013-14 was delivered by Mr Santosh Kurian (VP Business Development, Customer Centria) on 25th of October, 2013. Mr Kurian is also an alumnus of the MBA (FT) programme offered at IMNU.

Mr Santosh Kurian (VP Business Development, Customer Centria)
Mr Santosh Kurian (VP Business Development, Customer Centria)

Mr Kurian very well blended philosophy and spirituality by interlinking random topics such as bounded rationality, unlearning to learn, and biases. He began by highlighting the fact that “Anything that can be put in a nutshell should remain there” as beautifully described by the English philosopher Bertrand Russell. He also focused on the process of “unlearning to learn” and explained “You are who you are because of who you were”. He further continued by describing to the students as to how decisions are made in a professional world. He very well explained the concept of bounded rationality which is also termed as “satisficing”- the combination of the two words “satisfy” and “suffice”, coined by Herbert Simon. He stressed on the fact that every decision impacts each and every individual in the organization in a different way. He explained two different processes of decision making- compartmentalize or thrive. He also mentioned that it is easy to apply the same set of rules to both workplace and home. Finally he talked about biases and advised our students to accept the inevitability of the present and be self- aware and stop judging. He concluded by suggesting few brilliant literary works to the students which inspired him and which will guide them in the future.

(Content Courtesy: Purva Agrawal; Photo Courtesy: Sabiha Gani)

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