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Sanedo Sanedo…..

Come Navratri’s, and the city of Ahmedabad wears a different look. The customary Garba dance on each night during the nine day period is one of the most awaited events of the year.

And as per the tradition at IMNU, like each year, the Cultural Committee in association with the Students Advisory Committee organised the Garba Night for the students, giving them a much needed opportunity to take a break from the academic rigour and indulge in one of the most fun filled dance forms of the country, “Raas Garba”.

The night started with a prayer ceremony to seek the blessings of Goddess Durga (also referred to as Amba).Soon the students started to arrive at the ground in colourful dresses fit for the occasion. Girls were dressed in the traditional Chaniya Chol and the boys stuck to the Kurta Pyjamas. It was a very vibrant ensemble of members of the IMNU community.

Also it was a first time event for many of the first year students who have come from various parts of the country. While many, helped by their Gujarati counterparts, picked up the dance moves quickly some struggled to get it right! Nevertheless all the students had a gala time dancing to the traditional songs including numbers like “Sanedo”.

There were a few prizes awarded to the students which included the award for Best Dancer – Male & Female, and the Best costume. It was a difficult task in choosing amongst such fine performances and eventually the winners were:

  1. Best Male Dancer – Dhruvin Shah
  2. Best Female Dancer – Jasprit Soni
  3. Best Costume – Janice Cordeiro

(Content Courtesy: Kashyap Rao , Photo Courtesy: Media Committee)

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