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Rann:Neeti : Come, let us lead our country…

NewsJunction, the brand new club at Planet IMNU, conducted its first event: Rann-Neeti. Through this event, it sought to increase the political awareness amongst the students. The posters and the taglines of the event challenged the students to think about the current issues affecting the country, come up with solutions and present them through the medium of a political party.


On the evening of 17th October, 2013, three teams of 4-5 students gathered in a classroom to showcase their respective political parties and ideas. Every team was to come up with a name, symbol, tagline and mission for their respective parties. These had to be presented either through a PowerPoint presentation or by giving a speech for 10 minutes. Thereafter, the judges and members of the audience were invited to ask questions to the team. The entire event, which lasted an hour, saw many a battle being fought over various issues. It was indeed an encouraging sign to see such a healthy discussion on various issues and their varied perspectives. Eventually, the winners were announced.

winners rann

The event was judged by Prof Dr Ashwini Awasthi and Prof Dr Bindi Mehta. The judges appreciated the initiative of NewsJunction to come up with such an event and hoped that more such events would follow soon. They also appreciated the healthy discussion and exhorted students to keep this flame alive.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: NewsJunction Club)

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