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Once Upon A Time…..

Sumantra- The Book Club organized a creative writing event on 22nd October, 2013. A total of 16 participants in teams of two participated in the event. The participants basically had to build and write a story, but the event had a slight twist.

The backdrop of story was set by giving four initial lines to participants based on which the story was to be built up and continued. After every 15 minutes, the stories were swapped between teams such that in the last round, each team received back its sheet back. After each swapping, the teams had to continue the story based on the story they had received.

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Finally, in the final round, the teams were given back their original stories and they had to complete it. Creativity was measured in terms of how each team was able to blend the previous narrative into its writing, yet keeping the suspense of the story intact.
The event started off smoothly. The backdrop given was such that it could be interpreted in various ways. Throughout the event, there were moments when one team would be laughing after reading the previous narrative whereas another team would be worried sick on how to build up on a story that had clearly lost the plot. There were moments of surprise, mirth and even despair.

In all, the participants enjoyed the event very much.

(Content Courtesy: Kashyap Rao, Jijo George; Photo Courtesy: Sumantra- The Book Club)

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