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ROOMIES!!! – Till MBA do us part

What is this all about? What am I seeing? Who invited so many twins here?!!  … And a few more such questions struck me, as I approached the Student Activity Centre at 5:00 pm on 15th October, 2013. And then I realized that, oh, haven’t I come here to participate in “Roomies”, an event organized by Expressions Club of IMNU!  So naturally the participants had tried their best to dress up as identically as possible, because after all, the event was one dedicated to the roommates residing in the hostels here! The message was clear- it was going to be a fun evening, and so it was, with around 35 pairs of roomies trying to compete each other down and prove themselves to be the most compatible roomies in the college.Roomies poster

The event started off with the 1st round. Left leg of one roomie, and the right leg of the other, tied together, and a balloon placed precariously between the two roomies, and there you have it, the contestants for the Three-legged Race.  Next thing you could see was all the roomies trying to race. Some balloons fell, and some burst, which disqualified those teams immediately.  Some roomies hopped ahead, while some dragged their counterparts ahead, and some even fell down as they neared the finish line. 14 teams showed their competitive sides, got selected and moved on to the 2nd round, that of Taboo Cards. One roomie had to make the other guess the most number of words from taboo cards in a given time, but using neither the list of words given below nor any actions. The game was a fun way to see who could hear what his/her roomie did not even say. Being good with words as well as compatible enough to guess correctly, helped the final 5 teams move on to the last round. The roomies were separated, and asked to fill out a questionnaire about one of them. This round came as an acid test of how well the roomies had come to really know each other.

roomie winners

Girls had a winning team- Manjary and Nupur. But the boys ended up facing a tiebreaker, a Paper Dance contest between Vivek-Akash and Shreejith-Akshay. What a laughing riot it was, to see the guys piggybacking their roomies and dancing atop a small fold of paper. But that is how the boys got a winning team- Vivek and Akash. Other winning titles awarded were- Best Dressed Team (Boys): George and Hiran, Best Dressed Team (Girls): Prerna and Nidhi, and Best Team Name: Dhokla with Dosa – Rachel and Anjali.  With prizes ranging from coffee mugs to chocolates, from a set of speakers to soft cushions, and from priceless smiles to enthusiastic hoorays, the event ended, while we realized that as Hostel becomes Second Home, Roomies become Family

 (Content courtesy: Prerna Shrivastava; Photo courtesy: Expressions Club)

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