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Institute Lecture Series: Lessons from Corporate Life

Mr Ashish Bhatia (Enterprise Architecture and Application Strategy Offering – Market Development and Biz Ops Lead, Accenture)

The sixth Institute Lecture at IMNU was delivered by Mr Ashish Bhatia (Enterprise Architecture and Application Strategy Offering – Market Development and Biz Ops Lead, Accenture) on 18th of October, 2013. Mr Bhatia is also an alumnus of the MBA (FT) programme offered at IMNU (batch 2002-2004).

The theme of the lecture was Lessons from Corporate Life. Mr Bhatia expanded the lecture theme to include snippets and lessons from his personal life. He started the presentation by explaining on the maxim “Health is Wealth”. People tend to be in a rat race due to which the health of the body does not receive the attention that it deserves.  This has resulted in lifestyle diseases striking at a very young age. Secondly, he said communication is the backbone of professional as well as personal life. Professionally, presentation skills, writing and mailing skills will keep a person in good stead. He advised students to take time out from their schedules to improve on these aspects of their personality. While being conversant in English was a basic necessity in corporate life, an additional knowledge of a foreign language along with a few certifications like CFA etc. can definitely increase one’s chances of success. On corporate expectations from MBA students, he said that an employer mainly looks for positive attitude and a candidate’s eagerness to learn. It is better to be oneself rather than trying to be the ‘ideal’ candidate in interviews. Even after bagging a job, to be in the loop, one has to constantly keep learning and be aware of the trends and the latest happenings.

He emphasised the importance of being ethical saying, ‘Anything Grey is Black’. Being professional is not just about being good at one’s work but also about respecting others’ time. Punctuality and honesty are some of the most important values in life. Yet, one must be careful that he/she is not breaking any of rules of the organisation in the process. While honesty is a celebrated virtue, honesty by way of sharing confidential information is a definite no-no. He reminded students to invest back into society by way of time or money.

The session was well-received by students. Mr Bhatia also answered questions related to the IT field and career choices. Later in the day, he also addressed another session on picking the right specialisation in MBA. The lecture session was chaired by Dr Nityesh Bhatt (Chairman – MBA(FT))

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George, Vinamra Mundra ; Photo Courtesy: Ditsa Roul)

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