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Institute Lecture Series: The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

On 11th October, 2013, the fifth institute lecture for the academic year 2013-14 was delivered by Mr.Umang Nahata, CEO- Evosys.

Mr Umang Nahata: CEO- Evosys
Mr Umang Nahata: CEO- Evosys

The theme of the presentation was “The Spirit of Entrepreneurship”. Mr Nahata sought to underline at the beginning that entrepreneurship is not just about having your own job, but it is about owning your job completely. Thus, entrepreneurship can happen with your own company as well as in your job at some organization. He said in this context that entrepreneurship is about being able to accept your mistakes and be willing to take corrective action.

He presented six elements of the spirit of entrepreneurship: Risk Appetite, Fighting Spirit, Goals beyond money, Being a leader instead of being a manager, Honesty, Integrity and being able to relate your academics with real life. On risk, he said that not taking a risk was in itself a risk. There are times when one has to take risks, otherwise life become monotonous and dull. On goals, he stressed that one’s most remembered moments would always be

Mr Umang Nahata, CEO- Evosys
Mr Umang Nahata, CEO- Evosys

when one fought back after being pushed to the wall. Whether in business or in life, goals have to be based on ideals, ideas and objectives. Honesty and integrity are essential to entrepreneurship as that is what clients and people look before doing business. He also rued the inability of students to connect what they learn in textbooks to real life. He called upon the students to relate their academics to the industry to be successful in their careers.The session was chaired by Prof Dr Bindi Mehta.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George, Photo Courtesy: Kaizen Committee, Vinamra Mundra)

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