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COPA ’13 : kick it to break it!!!

Playing sports is like being in a relationship: The more you give, the more you receive. It’s the passion that unites all the players and teams. Nearly all the sports practiced nowadays are competitive. You play to win, and the game has little meaning unless you do your utmost to win. It is possible to play simply for the fun and exercise: but as soon as the question of prestige arises, the most savage combative instincts are aroused and this is what we all witnessed in COPA’13- the annual interclass football tournament at IMNU.

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The tournament started out with the eliminations among the first year teams. The teams fought a tough battle to reach the next round. All the teams displayed utmost enthusiasm and sportsmanship. After the interesting league matches got over, it was time for the semi-finals.The semi finals comprised of one team from the first year and the rest from the second year. The first match was played between Vulcans and Trailblazers. The Vulcans got a lead in the beginning but the match ended in a tie by an equalizer, by the Trailblazers at the last minute. This led to an entertaining penalty shoot out with Trailblazers claiming the victory. Interestingly, the second match played between the Invincibles and the Bullheads also ended with a penalty shootout, with the Invincibles clinching their command in the game.
The final played between the Invincibles and the Trailblazers witnessed a great crowd who cheered their teams with lot of zeal. Both the teams began in an attacking mode. It was in the 12th minute when Invincibles got an opportunity of penalty kick and the captain converted it into a glorious goal. The trailblazers got a chance for an equalizer in the 24th minute but unfortunately failed to convert it. The nail in the box was hammered by the 28th minute goal scored by the Invincibles. The Trailblazers put up a good fight but failed to penetrate the sturdy defense of Invincibles. Ultimately Invincibles emerged out as the winners with the final score reading 2-0. It’s the pure spirit, and the love for the game, that drove the event to a beautiful end.

(Content Courtesy: Chirag Bhatnagar, Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti – The Photography Club)

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