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Aloha Alumni!!!…..@IMNU

Institute of Management celebrated its ‘Alumni Day’ on 5th and 6th Oct, 2013, organized by Kaizen Committee. It was an occasion for the alumni to retrieve the nostalgia and enrich the memorable moments. The alumni received a very warm and cordial welcome at the institute gate. The display of captured moments, the music, and children of SARAL together added to the experience. The excitement to revisit was clearly visible on their faces.

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Soon there was a refresher lecture conducted by Prof. Nina Muncherjee. It was an event where three teams were formed and each was given a task to build a bridge with the given materials. It was fun to see the alumni from diverse backgrounds working in teams together to finish the task. The next session was conducted by Prof. Mallikarjun. These sessions took back the alumnus to the classroom experience. Various such interactions were organized between faculties and the alumni. These interactions were varied and diverse from personal to professional life and about the institute building its glory in field of management education.

The evening saw the auditorium come alive with a well-managed cultural event. The function was formally inaugurated at 7.00 PM by Director Prof. Dr. C. Gopalakrishnan. The institute magazine, presenting the happenings of the recent past at the institute, was distributed among the alumnus. Few alumni speakers then shared their memories and also guided the current batch students. The evening activities started with a fashion show by kids from SARAL – the in-house NGO of Nirma University. The stage was then taken over by a fantastic mime act by Chehre – The Dramatics Club of IMNU. Club Fiesta  followed up with a mirror dance act. Few alumni took the opportunity to present mimicry which had the audience in splits.

The auditorium session was then followed by the fusion dinner party. Here the first and second year students interacted with the alumni, where the corporate men met the future managers, to share their experience by addressing personal and professional queries. After the dinner, Club Fiesta performed a flash mob and the night was set into a DJ party. Sportzzz Comm organized a football match between the alumni and the current students at midnight. For those uninterested in Football, other sports activities like Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis were played at the same time.

The day may have been over outside, but the alumni found themselves entering another day immediately after as they entered their olden days again through their hostel rooms. So, the alumni found themselves spending the night in the same room where they once racked their books and their brains. The night was spent in sharing memories and jokes with current students. Many a unique bonding moment was experienced during the night.

The next day started with various sports activities at the sports complex after a heavy Sunday breakfast. It was then time for the students and the alumni to bid adieu to each other.

Institute of Management thanks the entire batch who helped organize this event as well as all who had taken time off from their busy schedules to remember the institute that gave them the priceless gifts of life-knowledge, opportunity and above all good memories and good friends.

(Content Courtesy: Vinamra Mundra, Jijo George Joseph ; Photo Courtesy: Ditsa Roul, Vinamra Mundra)

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