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Filmy Akhaada- The Arena for IMNU Actors

Filmy Akhada - Poster

On 29th August, 2013, 5:30 pm, the Student Activity Centre premises literally became an arena for the acting enthusiasts to wrestle it out and win the “Filmy Akhaada”. It was an event conducted by ChEhRe, the Dramatics Club of IMNU. The acting skills of IMNU students were witnessed in two rounds, with more than 80 students participating in the event spread in a total of 30 teams.  At the same time, the event created an enjoyable environment in the campus, giving the students a pleasant break from their routines.

In the first round, the teams played Dumb Charades, to guess movie names, famous movie dialogues and song lyrics.  Each team consisting of 2-3 amateurs had to enact and guess as many names as possible, within a span of just two minutes. Each correct guess was awarded some points, while each ‘switch’ and rule violation led to deduction. Based on the total scores, 9 teams were selected for the final round.

The final round was that of Story Linking, where participants were given a certain situation. One of the participants had to continue the situation and spontaneously create a new situation out of it. The subsequent participant(s) were similarly asked to continue the narration. Approximately two minutes were given to perform. The teams were judged on the creativity, tempo, humour and linkage of their stories. Finally the winning teams were awarded exciting gift vouchers.  The event thus ended on a cheerful note, re-energizing all after the fun-filled evening.

Filmy Akhada - 1          Filmy Akhada -2

(Content and Photo Courtesy:  Prerna Shrivastava, Chehre – The Dramatics Club)

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