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BattleLAN: After hours gaming!!

Clique – The IT Club of IMNU organised their first event – BattleLAN – 2013: Counter Strike Tournament from 28th August to 30th August, 2013 for the gaming enthusiasts of Planet IMNU. The tournament was organised during the late night hours giving students the much-needed opportunity to blow off some stress and just have some fun.


The tournament saw the participation of a total of 14 teams divided into 4 pools of 3-4 teams. The tournament started with a round of elimination, followed by a semi-final and grand finale.

True to the spirit of the game, teams battled each other till the wee hours of the next day, not bothered about the pending academics, but with a single minded focus on winning. There was many an intense moment, some of celebration and some of shock and frustration. Eliminator and semi-final rounds were played to the wire till the last moment.  The grand finale was fought between team Coyotes and team Overdozz Gaming, with the latter coming out unvanquished after a nail-biting finish.

clique2       clique3

Overall, the three days were probably some of the most enjoyable days spent so far for some of the students. On its part, Clique has promised to come up with similar gaming events in the near future.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George ; Photo Courtesy: Clique – The IT Club)

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