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Shooting for Glory – Slamdunk’13

Nothing quite offsets post-exam lull and unleashes a display of passion like a sporting tournament, as witnessed during Slam Dunk, Sportzzz Comm’s inter-class basketball tournament, organized from August 21st to 25th.


The event saw the participation of seasoned teams such as the Sapients, Invincibles, Trailblazers, Kryptonites, and Bullheads, while giving the junior divisions the opportunity to cheer their newly- formed, and unofficially-named, teams such as the Vulcans, Blitzkrieg and the Coyotes.

Groups of first-year students could be seen flocking to the basketball courts in the hours leading up to the matches of the day to practice and formulate strategies. The matches were an exciting display of the clash between seasoned play and energetic enthusiasm. The age-old popularity of sports as a crowd-puller was confirmed by the sheer turnout of non-participants, as they added vigor to the atmosphere through their loud and eager cheering.

The five-day event boiled down to a rousing finish as the Vulcan (first-year Section A) boys wiped the court with their incredible 32-20 win against Trailblazer boys. The girls’ finale witnessed a nail-biting finish keeping the crowd on their toes as the Trailblazer girls won from a tie-breaker against the Blitzkrieg (first-year Section B) girls.

Section A_2Trailblazers

(Content Courtesy: Ditsa Roul, Photo Courtesy: Sportzzz Comm)

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