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The Pirates of IMNU

Someone walking around campus at around 5 in the evening on Friday, August 16, would likely have been startled by groups of students rushing about, with a purposefulness seen only when the exams come around. Slips of paper in hand, perspiration dotting their brows, they could be heard covertly consulting with each other as they ran.                             The Pirates of IMNU - WinnersThis was “The Pirates of IMNU”, Swayam – The Entrepreneurs’ club’s  first event of the year. After a particularly long day, students had the opportunity to blow off steam with this energetic treasure hunt, that attracted around 70 participants from both the MBA (Full Time and Family Business) batches.

To start off the hunt, the amateur pirates gathered, in teams of three, at the management mess, where they were given clues to a location that they had to reach for the next set of clues. Deciphering such clues for every subsequent location, the pirates gave chase over the width of the seas, so to speak, covering some key points on campus, such as the laundry area, the Pharmacy canteen, the Campus ATM, main gate and the tennis courts.

The treasure hunt was not just an exercise in tapping brain cells, but also in breeding familiarity with some elements of the campus. Teams had to perform interesting tasks at each location before the coordinators would  validate that a team had indeed covered that location. For example, at the main gate, the teams had to click a picture with any one of the guards after finding out his name.

The hunt ended with the pirates circling back to their port of origin. Kailash, Krishna and Darshan from MBA-Entrepreneurship walked away with the winning loot of Rs.900 worth Landmark vouchers, while the second (Akash, Surbhit and Ronit) and third (Meet, Yash and Sreyas) teams from MBA-Full time claimed vouchers worth Rs.600 and Rs.300, respectively. In the end, all the participants walked away sated in their thirst for excitement and ready to hit the books with invigorated minds, due to the event executed successfully by Swayam.

(Content Courtesy: Ditsa Roul, Photo Courtesy: Swayam – The Entrepreneurs’ Club)

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