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Growth of IT Industry & related Job Opportunities

On 2nd August, 2013, the third Institute Lecture for the academic year 2013-14 was delivered by Mr. Nilesh Shah, Director- Engineering Services, Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services, Ahmedabad.1003899_10151527156632096_500675257_n

The session started with Mr Shah giving an outline of the current IT and outsourcing opportunities in India. He sought to assure the audience that there was still scope for vast growth in the Indian economy. He highlighted the various strengths of the economy, particularly the demographic dividend and the huge growth demand in the future owing to capacity expansion in industries across the spectrum. In particular, Engineering Service Outsourcing is expected to rise by 30% by the year 2020. The outsourcing industry in India is growing at a phenomenal rate. India has captured more than 50% of the IT outsourcing industry in the world due to some inherent advantages like availability of skilled labour at lower costs and the geographical and time-zone advantages. Although some part of our outsourcing industry has been lost to countries like Philippines, India still remains at the top when it comes to outsourcing in Engineering, KPO, aeronautical services, etc.

In the Q&A session that followed, Mr Shah was asked about Hi-Tech’s policy of employee retention. In response, he brought out the importance of employee satisfaction in reduction of attrition by emphasizing on giving opportunities for learning, keeping a casual corporate environment, performance-based incentives and fun activities. At the end of the session he answered a query about industry expectations from an entry-level Business analyst, by discussing the need of vast knowledge across domains and relevant experience.

(Content Courtesy: Jijo George Joseph & Prerna Shrivastava; Photo Courtesy: IMNU Pratikriti)

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