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Rush Hour 2!

Niche-The Marketing Club of IMNU organized Rush-hour 2 the fun marketing event on 12th February, 2013. The aim of the event was to enhance the marketing and negotiation skills of the students. The students were in teams of three members each and were given a situation where they were the sales agents of a glass manufacturing company. They were given clues about the location of their next client on the campus. The clues contained information about the buying behavior of the client or details about their last purchase. The team had to then quote the price for their glass, based on the information given in the clues. The motive of each team was to earn maximum profit at the end of all deals. The teams were also given some riddles and a crossword puzzle to solve, which would earn them more profit for each answer. After running through the campus selling their product, Chirag Bhatnagar, Karan Uppal, Ankit Sinha emerged as the victorious team. The second and third teams were Krishna Sharma, Kashyap Rao, Areeb Hasan and Arpan Vora, Shivam Saxena, Vishant Rastogi respectively.

(Content Courtesy: Chirag Bhatnagar)

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