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Nirma Champions League

At IMNU, there is a philosophy of all-round development of the students through exposure in various fields. Obviously, academic rigor occupies center stage, but extra-curricular activities are the significant other half of our life @ IMNU. We all know that “All work & no play makes jack a dull boy”, but at IMNU, our life is anything but dull.

148579_552523818109825_1937602316_nIn the years since its inception, sports have been a significant part of IMNU life. The campus is equipped with well-structured sports facilities which are on par with the best of B-School campuses. Sporting tournaments happen all round the year but there is one events that has created a legacy of its own. The “Nirma Champions League” or NCL is a celebration of the spirit of IMNU to its core. The much awaited sports mega event happens once every year & sets the campus buzzing with activity. Anywhere you see- the cricket ground, the basketball, volleyball & tennis courts, the table tennis room or the classrooms- you find IMNU shivering with sports fever.13824_475247272537410_69424115_n

NCL is big at IMNU, it’s a mega-event in its own right. This year, More than 1000 matches with more than 500 participants were played during NCL 2012. Table tennis, Badminton, Lawn tennis, Relay race… you name it, we had champions in every sport!! Spice was added to the event by the inter-section rivalries as all sections of both Full-Time MBA and Family Business courses toiled hard in every respect with their eyes set on the coveted NCL trophy.

This year, there was a clean sweep by the MBA-FT 2011-13 batch as the KNIGHTHAWKS won the NCL trophy with 306 points in their kitty while the 2nd & 3rd positions were occupied by PHAERENIKES & ZEPHYRS respectively.DSC_0775

Overall, NCL was a celebration of friendship, brotherhood & sporting spirit of IMNU. It was an event where each & every student participated & played their hearts out. London & Beijing might have claimed to have hosted the most successful sporting events of this millennium but NCL-13 will always occupy a special corner in our hearts.

(Content Courtesy: Ranotosh Banerjee; Photo Courtesy: Sportzzz Comm,IMNU)

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