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Pravartan’12 the HR Conclave

The theme of the conclave was “Managing Next Generation Employees- Harnessing the Untapped power to Scale New Heights”.


Mr. Chirag Bhrambhatt, Head HR- Admin Gujarat Gas Company Limited addressed the inaugural session on the topic “Role of HR in Developing Generation Next and Talent Management”. He began by stating the need to identify the growth drivers in the industry and to rethink the definition of talent. It is not synonymous with educated intellectuals but with the common man as well. He further mentioned that there has been a paradigm shift among Gen Y from organisation loyalty to professional commitment. He concluded by stressing on the need to develop the right attitude as the organisations today are hiring not for knowledge but for the right behaviour.

The next session was addressed by Mr. Samir Parikh, a well known soft skill trainer and entrepreneur, on the topic “Engage Gen Y”.  He started by saying that Gen Y brings innovation to the industry and adequately engaging them can leverage their innovative capabilities. He also enlisted what the Gen Y needs, what they appreciate and the challenges that are faced in managing them. The third session had Mr. Bishwajeet Digar, Vice President HR Jindal ITF talking about “Building the New Urban India”. He stated that the HR profession is on a cross road and they need to restore trust and confidence in employees. Today the HR profession is facing the crisis of balancing the needs of employees and company simultaneously. He concluded by stating that today the managers are required to be sensitive to the employee’s expectations in order to leverage their talent.

The Concluding session of the conclave was delivered by Mr. Shrikant Lonikar, Head HR, Adani Power limited. He focused on the increasing need for optimal management of Human Resources in large organizations. He enlightened the students about the value of experience as far as success in the work field is concerned & the need to control the alarmingly increasing attrition rates in corp orates nowadays in order to harness the full potential of the existing employees.  He moved on further to share a variety of experiences from his illustrious career and provided deep insights to the students about the management of human resources & how the process has evolved over time.

(Content Courtesy: Media Committee, IMNU; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti)

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