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Battle Antakshari!

Fiesta , the dance and music club of IMNU organised an “Antakshari” competition for the students and faculty 29th November,2012.61390_457871644274973_677169360_n
The enthusiasm was evident from the high number of students who were present in the Auditorium in teams of two. The first round was an elimination round consisting of a Bollywood-style quiz to be answered in 10 minutes. Questions such as which year did Big B make his debut, and which was the first movie which Big B and his significant other Jaya Bachchan did together, put to test the filmy intellect of the MBA students!! After this round the 4 top scoring teams were selected. They were named Malhar, Basant, Yaman and Bhairavi and clubbed with 4 faculty members viz. Prof. Parag Rizwani, Prof. Sameer Pingle, Prof. Nityesh Bhat and Prof. Sapna Parashar to play antakshari on stage.


The first round henceforth required the participants to sing 4 songs on a given word and scores were given for each song. The second round was a relatively tough one wherein an instrumental piece was played and the team had to identify the song, the singer and were asked to sing one more song by the same singer. And as they say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going proved to be right since most of the teams were unable to identify the song. It was then passed on to the enthusiastic audience who were bang on with each new tune played! In the third round  the teams were given a combination of actors-directors or actor-singer etc and were asked to sing a song by them. Two teams Malhar and Bhairavi ended up in a tie after this round.

The tie breaker round asked the teams to sing as many songs as they can on the given word! Malhar team comprising of Prof. Nityesh Bhat, Chirag Bhatnagar and Pankti Manek of FT I year stood victorious in the battle “Antakshari”. Prof. Nityesh Bhat was presented with a souvenir and the students were given gift vouchers.

The event proved to be a much needed break from the rigor of MBA!


(Content Courtesy: Kashyap Rao; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti)

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