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2nd Annual Seminar on Quality Management

“Quality is free; but only for those who are willing to pay for it heavily.” – The 2nd annual seminar on quality management started with these lines by famous quality guru Crosby. The 2nd seminar, organized by ASQ Ahmedabad and Institute of Management, Nirma University took place on 30th November 2012. It witnessed lectures by eminent personalities who have personally driven Quality movement in their respective organizations.


ASQ Ahmedabad LMC Chair Dr. Himanshu Trivedi delivered the welcome speech and explained the need for making industries aware about the need to give quality its due importance in the organization culture itself. The Guest of Honour of the session was Dr. Gopalkrishnan, Director, Institute of Management, Nirma University. He talked about the quality aspects related with education sector and he also gave examples of “world class quality” culture that helped organizations to survive in difficult situations.

The chief guest of the session, Mr. Reinhard Liebe, Managing Director, Bosch Rexroth India explained the quality culture at Bosch by giving practical examples about the quality principles followed at Bosch. He also shared some of the cultural difference of the way quality is understood in different countries. He made the audience realize the major difference between the German quality philosophy and Indian quality philosophy. He said that “chalega” philosophy (accepting non-conformance to quality) is hampering the Indian quality culture.

Mr. Anindya Sarangi, Director, ASQ India, Dr. Murugan K, MD & CEO, UL DQS India and Mr. Ratan Kesh, Sr. VP and Head, Quality Initiative Group, HDFC Bank India then amazed the audience with wonderful examples from across the globe that clearly proved the difference between the cost of poor quality and conformance to quality rules.  The seminar concluded with the valedictory session by Mr Thomas Hofmann, Head Business Unit HV, ABB India and Dr. Mukul Vasavada,Adjunct faculty, IIM Ahmedabad where he expressed industry concern about quality and availability of skilled workforce that joins the industry sectors every year.

(Content Courtesy: Sachin Padhya; Photo Courtesy: Pratikriti)

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