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Change Management: Improving Effectiveness of Processes through Change

As part of the Institute Seminar series the institute was graced by the presence of Mr. Ashok Mehra, Global Head, Business Change Management, TCS Ltd. He addressed the audience on the topic “Change Management” and its requirement in today’s business scenario.Beginning the talk he spoke about how doing one process over and over improves efficiency and not effectiveness and for improving effectiveness change is required.

He explained how to identify the change or thought and how to choose to succeed by giving an interesting story.He also spoke about the concept of outsourcing and how experience cannot be replaced by mentioning the quote “Diamonds are not traded whereas gold and silver can be traded” wherein the second level executives are gold and silver and top executives with experience are diamonds. He gave an example of how they have implemented health care management in UK through change management. He communicated the somewhat difficult concept of a huge change in an organization’s context by giving a simple example of marriage.He further mentioned that change management is all about massive people intervention and people agree to adopt and adapt and informal relations work more than formal relations for change management.As concluding remarks he stated that for lasting change to happen, we have to not only enter the personal space of a customer but also monitor the implementation of change which is very much required.

(Content Courtesy: Vijay Bapodra)

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