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IMNU Students “GO GREEN”

“An Earth so clean, An Environment Serene.

Preserve it’s sheen, Lets GO GREEN”

Environment degradation & deforestation have been highlighted as two of the most alarming issues in recent times. It is an obvious fact that the issues must be addressed by the masses through spreading awareness & collective action. The youth has to play a major role to ensure the success of the efforts towards this cause.

In order to spread awareness & induce action about this issue, the Rotaract Club of Institute of Management, Nirma University organized a “GO GREEN” campaign on October 17, 2012.

The event promoted the idea of Going Green, in order to preserve the environment & encouraged the students of the institute to plant trees to ensure a greener & better tomorrow. The students also designed tools for mass awareness such as Posters, Jingles, Taglines, etc in order to promote the idea & take the cause further in the future.

The event saw a healthy turnout with majority of the students from the institute turning up for it to do their bit for the environment. The students demonstrated their dedication to the Institute’s mission of creating socially responsible managers by making the event an enormous success and contributing towards a Greener tomorrow.

(Content Courtesy: Ranotosh Banerjee, Photo Courtesy: Ameya Pai Angle)

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