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Dalal Street simulation @IMNU

Finesse club organised a fun filled virtual trading event on 26th September 2012. The theme of the event was “Hunt for Money”.

Students had paired up in teams of 3-4 members each and were given an initial amount of Rs 40,000/- to start trading on stocks and commodities. 12 fictitious companies were then listed on the exchange board coordinated by the club members. The rules made the event more fun as none of the teams could buy or sell a stock of the company more than 5 times which made it a maximum of 60 transactions. 
The twist in the game was that news related to the listed companies was flashed at different locations in the college campus and team members had to rush to the location and then decide regarding which stocks are to be traded. The atmosphere was electric as participants tried to reach the location of news at the earliest and cash in on the first movers advantage.

Next was the quiz round regarding the stock market issues. Rs 100 were awarded for each correct answer and there were a total of 15 questions to be answered. 
The winners, team “Bulls Eye” comprising of Keshav Kumar, Niladri Dey and Mayank Bhardwaj all from FT-1 were awarded gift voucher worth Rs 1000/- and the runners up were the team “The Modi’s Operandi” with Jaikiran Alinkil, Sakshi Goel and Pramod Ghanshani as members who were awarded a gift voucher worth Rs 500/-

(Content Courtesy: Kashyap Rao)

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