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A talk on technology innovation

As a part of the Institute Seminar series the institute was graced by the presence of Mr. Pallab Talukdar, CEO Fujitsu India Pvt. Ltd. He addressed the audience on the topic “Technology Innovation to Enable a Resilient Human Centric Intelligent Society’. Beginning the talk he spoke about the paradigm shift in the IT industry over the last 3 decades. He said that IT industry has now shifted towards a Human Centric Environment at the core.

He also talked about the challenges that were faced by the industry in achieving this. The three major issues he mentioned were: energy environment, changing demographics and increase in security risks. Addressing each issue individually he said that IT should be used more and more to reduce the energy consumption and strive towards a greener planet and go for energy harvesting technology. Change in demographics is also a major concern as a majority of the population is graying and the technological development should be keeping them in mind. Also IT systems are developed for the safety and security of the people in the form of ‘Natural Disaster Monitoring and Response System’; for personalized security bio metrics are being used extensively and more complex systems are being developed.

As concluding remarks he stated that IT can be synchronized with humans and we can achieve Human Intelligent Computing for better lives.

(Content Courtesy: Chirag Bhatnagar)

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