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Relieving the memories

The feeling of nostalgia encompassed me
Emotions filled the air with glee..
A desire to relive the days yet again                                                                             Deadlines, Submissions, Pressure and Pain..

Fun and frolic strengthened the bonds
Carefree days for which I long..
Successful as we all stood today
Relentless efforts of yesterday..

The air at IMNU resonated with feelings of nostalgia as alumni gathered for a reunion at the annual Alumni Meet held on 6th and 7th October, 2012. The event was a resounding success with the presence of more than 200 alumni and their families.

The event set off with a grand welcome to alumni in traditional rajasthani style. An interactive session was organised with the faculty members to enable the alumni relive their class-room days. Another session also took place to gather feedback regarding what IMNU could offer to all its stakeholders. This was followed by a  fun-filled session in the auditorium which commenced with the launch of the annual Alumni magazine. Students from various clubs and committees welcomed them through various performances such as mimicry, drama, dance, song, etc, accompanied by a special dance by the Saral kids which touched the hearts of the audiences. The alumni too displayed their versatility through some fabulous performances. The musical night accompanied with a slideshow of memories created a perfect ambience for the Alumni dinner. Jam session, LAN gaming, informal interactions with the current batch were some of the other activities arranged for the alumni. The reunion concluded with the sports activities organised in co-ordination with the Sports Committee.

IMNU takes pride in their alumnus who carry the brand of IMNU across the world in varied sectors of industry. The event was actualized with the continuous efforts of the Kaizen Committee in support with the other clubs and committees. All in all, the reunion reinforced the spirit of bonding and camaraderie leaving smiles and joy on the faces of our illustrious alumni and their families. This trip down the memory lane intensified their longingness to revisit their Alma-mater once again.

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(Content Courtesy: Rimika Mittal & Purva Agarwal, Photo courtesy: Pratikriti)

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