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Copa ‘2012 – Kick it to break it!

What is it about football that evokes strong emotions and a ferver like no other? Is it the fast pace, the players zipping across the ground, or is it that perfect corner goal at the opportune moment? If you break it down, football is so much about the anticipation of joy- whether on a micro-scale, like the prospect of a goal at the end of a period of build-up play, or the larger cycles of expectation from a player, a team , a tournament.  Copa,   the annual football tournament at Nirma had all this and much more in store for all the crazy football fans and sport lovers at IMNU.

Copa Nirma started out with Phaerenikes winning their first game against Trailblazers in a crunching penalty shoot out and moving on to the semi final stage.  On the other hand the match between Knighthawks and Sapients was largely one sided with Knighthawks completely whitewashing Sapients with a score of 7-1. The semifinal clash  between Phaerenikes and Zephyrs was a nail biting one with Phaerenikes moving on to the finals with a score of 1-0.

The final fight between Phaerenikes and Knighthawks , played on 26th August saw a large presence of  loud spectators who cheered their teams with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto! The Knighthawks were simply no match for the Phaerenikes who emerged victorious due to their tough man-to- man marking strategy .

A novel step taken by the IMNU Sports committee was distributing the winners medals at the hands of the SARAL kids providing a fitting end to the weeklong tounament 🙂

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(Content Courtesy: Madhura Kane, Photo Courtesy: Rahul Mertia & Mayank Bhardwaj)

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