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My Class Bestest!

Few experiences in life ever live up to our expectations. And then there are a few that exceed them. RannBhumi-2012 was one such experience. Over 350 supporters cheering for their classmates and over a 100 participants performing, simply for the love of their class and sheer joy of being a part of something- the evening of August 21, 2012, was certainly one to remember.


RannBhumi is an event organized every year by NiCHE- the Marketing Club of IMNU in which each section of MBA first year students (MBA FT I and FB I) promote their classes through various performances like music, drama, dance etc. The idea is to impress their colleagues and send out the message that “My class is the best!”

Five teams namely Sapients, Invincibles, Kryptonites, Bullheads and Trailblazers fought hard for the title and the rotating RannBhumi Trophy. With their gutsy and whole-hearted presentations, the teams battled to claim the top spot as their supporters rocked the auditorium with their adrenaline-fuelled cheering.

The two hour long event started with humorous acting performance by Sapients (MBA FT I) which left the crowd in splits, after which they also presented a musical duet. The next performance was by Bullheads (MBA FB I) and they intimidated their competition with their aggressive presentation. Then was the turn of Invincibles (MBA FT I) whose flash mob act took the crowd by storm while Kryptonites (MBA FB I) impressed the audience with their versatile performances. Last but not the least, the Trailblazers (MBA FT I) rocked the crowd with their sensational dance performance that literally outshone everything else. Besides these performances, all of the teams also showcased their class logos, anthems, t-shirt designs etc

The event was judged by Prof. Sanjay Jain and Prof. Ashwini K. Awasthi. The verdict was that Kryptonites were the most deserving of the coveted RannBhumi Trophy. For the t-shirt design, the Bullheads took the title.

Judging by the enthusiasm of students in the event, one could only remark that RannBhumi was only the beginning of an eternal esprit de corps.

(Content Courtesy: Mahima Singhal, Photo Courtesy: Dhrumil Oza and Ameya Pai Angle)

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