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More laurels for IMNU’s Marketing Insights!

The might of the marketing intellect at IMNU has once again proven its stronghold amongst Indian B-schools. After the impressive performance of Jyotendra Mahida [MBA (FT)-II ] at Nissan Junior Brand Manager, an article by Ram Krishna Pandey  [MBA (FT)-II ] has been selected as the best article and will be published in IIM-Shillong’s monthly marketing magazine named Markathon. The title of the article is “Is the success or failure of Microsoft Surface dependent only on its Pricing”.

The article was chosen as the best among numerous entries sent by contestants from reputed B-schools across the country. On behalf  of the IMNU family, we would like to congratulate Ram Krishna Pandey for this feat!

Here is the executive summary of the article:

Microsoft’s foray into tablet market through Microsoft Surface is a very late entry in a very crowded market. This market is marked by great deal of innovation by technology giants viz. Apple, Samsung and blackberry who developed their followers’ base and loyal customers. This article tries to bring forward various possible competitors of this product and tries to find the most suitable strategy for the success of Microsoft Surface. It concludes that just lowering price will not be the only option. This product must also compete with various contemporary features of non-tablet segments.

(Content Courtesy: Kashyap Rao and Ram Krishna Pandey)

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