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IMNU ignites the talent

The enthusiasm of the crowd said it all! IMNU celebrated its annual Talent Night ‘Genesis- Ignite the gene of talent within you’ on August 11, 2012 wherein, the first year students set the ball of talent rolling for the year.

As is the tradition, the event sparked off with the Saraswati Vandana. The crowd then geared up for some real fun and swayed to the beats of freestyle, hip-hop and contemporary dance. The auditorium exploded with the thrill and euphoria as students showcased their talents ranging from scintillating dance moves to skits, rock performances and fashion bolts.

The highlights of the event were the theme-based contemporary and classical dance followed by a fashion show based on retro theme. Students urged to fight against dowry by spreading the message through the song “mujhe kya bechega rupaiya”.

Other art forms too found their rightful space with poets and singers of the new batch showcasing their versatility on stage. The biggest highlight of the event though, was the performance by the kids of construction workers of “Saral Foundation- the Social cell of IMNU”. The crowd was captivated by the innocence of these underprivileged kids who danced to the tunes of “Chak dhoom dhoom”. The faculty was equally excited and wholeheartedly joined in with the students for a few songs. The splendid performance by Club Fiesta, the music club of IMNU, added colour to the palette. All in all, the talent night rocked the campus and gave the participants a good break from their regular routine. The event was sponsored by Enrich and R&B cafe and lounge.

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(Content courtesy: Rimika Mittal and Purva Agarwal, Photo courtesy: Dhrumil Oza)

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