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Govinda ala re @ IMNU!

The atmosphere at IMNU was filled with celebratory mood this weekend as Janmashtami was celebrated with widespread fervour and enthusiasm on Friday, the 9th of August. The students of both the junior & senior batch participated in the celebration with unparalleled zeal & contributed towards making the event a huge success.

The celebrations began in the morning with the customary tradition of the “Dahi Handi”. Chants of ‘Jay Nandalaal ki’ and ‘Govinda ala re’ reverberated in the air as Janmasthami fever gripped IMNU on the auspicious occasion. The students demonstrated their co-ordination & teamwork in making human pyramids in order to reach & break the “Dahi Handi”, which was hung well above the ground as per tradition. Despite several futile attempts at first, the persistence of the students paid off as they were finally able to achieve the task through coordinated efforts & unmatchable enthusiasm. The event also saw participation from the kids associated with Saral Foundation, an NGO for the betterment of underprivileged kids & even the Saral Kids were able to fulfill the tradition of breaking the “Dahi Handi”. The bonding between the members of the IMNU family was brought to the fore through the event & the smiles on the faces of the students & others alike, clearly indicated the enormous amount of joy that they experienced through the celebrations.The fun filled morning event was then complemented by the traditional ritual of Puja in the evening. The students gathered in significant numbers to pay homage to lord Krishna through worship & Aarti. The united worship chants of the students created a divine environment that was representative of the auspicious occasion. Given the kind of dedication shown by the students on the occasion, it seems quite likely for Lord Krishna to have showered the IMNU family with all his blessings.

The aspiring members of the junior CultComm of IMNU had worked tirelessly for many days under the able guidance of the seniors for organizing the event & deserve heartiest congratulations for making the event a grand success.

(Content Courtesy: Ranotosh Banerjee, Photo Courtesy: Ameya Pai Angle)

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