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Niche brings all the brands under one roof

The atmosphere at IMNU seems to be oozing with enthusiasm and team- spirit. The tension and anxiety of the approaching mid-term exams did not deter the marketing enthusiasts from participating in the event organized by Niche, the marketing club of IMNU.
Niche organized its very first event of the academic year 2012-13, “BRANDWIZERS” for the junior batch. A total of 35 teams participated in the event and the venue swarmed with over 100 marketing intellects. The event consisted of 3 rounds with the former two being eliminatory. It tested the marketing wizards on various skills ranging from familiarity with brand logos, photography to advertisement strategies. 5 teams overcame the sword of elimination and qualified for the final round.

After the cut throat competition from other teams, team THE GOOGLER- Jyot Patel, Saurabh Kumar and Bhushan Zalavadia emerged as winners followed by team BRANDFREAKS- Rahul Jagyasi, Saanya Jain and Ritika Lohadiya, and team 3 IDIOTS-
Akshay Gupta, Varun Barla and Neel Patel, who secured the 2nd and 3rd position respectively.
The success of the event and the massive response it generated is definitely a shot in the arm for scaling the club’s activities to a higher level.

(Content Courtesy: Rimika Mittal)

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