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Ice Breaking @ IMNU

Most of us start out playing a sport as means of fun and recreation. But somewhere along the way, in the midst of all the fun, we realize that sports can often be a metaphor for achieving success in life, because of the lessons it teaches us about life.

The IMNU sporting season kicked off with Ice Breaking event from July 11 2012 to July 19 2012. The event saw the teams like Zephyrs, Phaerenikes, Knighhawks, Survivorzz and the yet to be named first years(FB – 1 Sec A, FB – 1 Sec B, FB – 1 Sec C, FT – 1 Sec A , FT – 1 Sec B, FT – 1 Sec C), battling it out for the supremacy in Volleyball, Throw ball, Table Tennis. This was the first experience for first year students and they seemed to enjoy every bit of it.

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Volleyball saw the Phaerenikes led by Aman Chowdhary taking it off from where they left in the Nirma Champions League, thrashing a beleaguered Survivorzz in the final.

In throwball, the Survivorzz defeated Knighthawks 25-12, 25-10. The match saw the highest turnout for the tournament. It lived upto its expectation with the match going right down to the wire.

Table Tennis Gold was won by Zephyr beating Phaerenikes in an intense battle. The Zephyrs have won Gold in all three tournaments so far.

ICE Breaking is just a start to a spectacular season ahead. Watch out this space for more.

(Content Courtesy: Saumil Gokhale; Photo Courtesy: Sudeshna Banerjee)

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