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Induction to Clubs and Committees 2012

After a long hiatus of almost 3 months, the so-called “senior batch” (many of us are actually younger than you) had made it to IMNU on the second week of June. A week later the batch of 2012 made it. Like everyone is, they were amazed at the infrastructure, their induction programme, lectures and the serenity that surrounds the campus.

But on the 2nd of July, something special was bound to happen. It was not an “it-usually-happens” day in campus. It’s the time once in a year when the seniors meet juniors officially for the first time and that has nothing to do with academics! There was a lot of excitement, enthusiasm and joy that was at full display for the juniors.

The program was packed with a series of presentations, videos, plays and pep-talks by the senior batch in a bid to woo juniors to carry the legacy of their respective club or committee. The Committees were the first ones to go and they included – CultComm, PlaceComm, MediaComm, SportsComm, MessComm, Kaizen Committee, Student Activity Committee and Student Advisory Committee (SAC).

The clubs followed and unlike committees which have more to do with the official side of IMNU, the clubs are the essence of any B-school and add a lot of color to otherwise boring B-school curriculums (I know I will get a lot of heat for this). The Clubs who showcased their talents include Niche, Fiesta, Chehre, Expressions, Swayam, Finesse, Xquizzit, Clique, Imprintz, Sumantra, Rotaract and Saral. Some were serious, some were fun and some really had the audience in splits.

The entire event projected the different shades of IMNU from academics to placements to entrepreneurship to social activities to just having plain fun! The junior batch seemed to enjoy all of the action and we hope they do step up to the expectations of these clubs and committees.
Once again, we welcome Batch 2012 to Planet IMNU…!!!

(Content courtesy: Raj Thilak)

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