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The roller coaster called ‘Sports’ rolls!!

IMNU is back in action. Sports, one thing that runs perpetually at IMNU was kicked-off full throttle today with a “Juniors vs. Seniors Exhibition Football Match”. The sputtering rains over the past few days too could not dampen the spirits as students turned out in huge numbers to exhibit their loyalties to their respective batch.

Seniors took the lead early into the match with a spirited effort from Shayan Ghosh at the 10th minute. But soon, the Juniors followed with the equalizer in the 15th minute. Harish bailed them out with a super shot. The juniors proved their mettle by coming all guns blazing in the 2nd half, contending with the Seniors toe-to-toe. The match ended in a tie at 1-1. But, what was heartening to see was the post-match camaraderie between the two teams. The adage of ‘sportsmanship’ lived long.

Is such a clinical performance by the newbies indication of a formidable lot on the field? Or was it a one-time show? Well, only time will tell as the action moves to the Ice-Breaking tournament shortly.

(Content Courtesy: Anuj Goenka; Photo Courtesy: Sudeshna Banerjee)

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